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Photo of the Day September 6, 2009

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awww, cutest ingy ever

I vote this for cutest Ingy ever.

What do you think is the cutest Ingrid picture? Please comment! 🙂


4 Responses to “Photo of the Day”

  1. Millie Says:

    Very cute…but not THE cutest…I have other thoughts about that…;-D

  2. María Says:

    she had the most beautiful smile ever, pretty good picture but i love one where she’s playing in the snow, that my favorite!


    • aiwish472 Says:

      Yeah, the ones of her in the snow are adorable as well! I love her smile too, so sweet.
      Thank you for your comments, María – I’m glad you enjoy the blog so far! 🙂

      • María Says:

        It is nice to fine ppl who love Ingrid as much as I do, I though I was a little insane at first but now we can all be ‘madly’ in love with her.
        I just finish reading My Story and I must said I love her even more, I felt she was talking to me. ❤

        XO from Arg =9

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