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And now, for something slightly off-topic! September 16, 2009

d'aww betty ily so much

Hi, Betty!

Oh deer, that is not Ingrid Bergman.


Happy birthday, Betty! I could switch into fangirl mode right now and write about how I hope Lauren Bacall had a fantastic 85th birthday today, how she made me really like old movies, and just how awesome she is overall.

But this is an Ingy blog and we must stay on topic!

So I’ll briefly write about Murder on the Orient Express. That way I can talk about Ingrid and Betty at the same time. Yeeh!

Both Ingrid and Lauren starred in Sidney Lumet’s 1974 film based on the Agatha Christie novel. (So did a bunch of other big names.) They were the reason I wanted to watch the movie. I figured it would be worth it just to see two of my favorite actresses in one place. But for some reason I couldn’t sit through it. Perhaps I just need more patience; the film moves at a slow, relaxed pace. Maybe it’s because there wasn’t a lot of dialogue between teh Bergman and Bacall, and that’s one thing I was really hoping to see. (I think they said about two sentences to each other in the entire film.) Or am I just a weirdo with bad taste? ;_; After all, many people seem to really enjoy Murder on the Orient Express.

What about you, did you enjoy the film? To those of you who have read the book, is the book interesting?

(Side note: Go Ingy for winning an Oscar in this movie. :D)


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